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Finding the best Illinois homeowners insurance rates need not be complicated nor overly time consuming.  There are three major avenues by which you can easily find Illinois homeowners insurance rates.  Choose the one that best suits your mode of preference for acquiring the information you need and get insurance designed specifically to protect the investment you have in your home and personal belongings.

Compare Illinois Homeowners Insurance Rates Online

Numerous online sites offer you a chance to compare side by side Illinois homeowners insurance rates from various insurance carriers.   Once these sites are accessed, basic quotes can be obtained by entering your zip code and filling out general information concerning your home.  Obtaining these multiple quotes from various sources will help you establish a common base line for comparison between different insurance companies.

Once you know what kind of general coverage and premiums are available, you can then narrow your choice down to a few insurance carriers. On completion of your online questionnaire, you are then matched with local agents that can answer any questions you may have about Homeowners Insurance.  A call from you will start the ball rolling, and then a final quote can be given based on different variables that were not factored into the general questionnaire you filled in online.

One of the benefits of getting basic quotes on line first is the ability to see what numerous companies offer and weed out those who don’t meet the criteria you’ve established, whether that be a certain premium amount or the percentage of coverage offered. Knowing what factors might affect your final quote will also help you make an informed decision concerning whether you wish to pay an increase in premiums in order to get the proper coverage in a certain area.

Factors That Will Affect Your Illinois Home Insurance Rates

Finding a cheap Illinois home insurance rate is certainly made easier if you understand some of the different variables that come into play when the insurance company calculates what rate you will pay:

  • Location – Finding adequate coverage and good rates in an IL homeowners insurance policy is dependent upon knowing what hazards exist in your location.  Illinois homeowners should be aware that winter brings a new set of possible damages that can occur because of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and the resulting thaw in the spring.  Make sure your policy makes provision for damages that can occur as a result of the winter elements.  Coverage for these factors might cause an increase in premiums, but it may be money well spent.
  • Type of Policy – There are two basic types of Homeowners insurance policies available. A basic policy, known as an HO3, offers coverage for most major disasters: wind, hail, fire, smoke, vehicles and vandalism.  Take note that coverage for floods and earthquakes are not part of a basic Homeowners Insurance policy. Coverage for these two forces of nature must be obtained by purchasing two separate policies related to these events.

    The second type of Homeowners insurance policy, is broader in its coverage and not only protects the financial investment you have in your home, but it offers liability coverage for bodily injury and for house and property.  Liability coverage protects you in the event that a guest is your home is injured, even as a result of negligence on the part of you or a family member.  It also covers damages that you or a family member may cause in another person’s home. (Boy, do you wish you had never picked up that old Asian vase to have a better look at it; vases can be so slippery.)

  • Discounts – Different companies offer different types of discounts that can reduce your IL home insurance rates. Some discounts include the multiple lines discount (purchasing both auto and homeowners insurance coverage from the same insurance company), the longevity discount, and the safety upgrades discount. Be sure and ask your agent what possible discounts on your Illinois homeowners insurance rates you may qualify for.

Compare Illinois Homeowners Insurance Rates With An Agent

If you prefer to talk to an individual from the get-go, you may wish to contact an agent who represents a major carrier (or preferably many different major carriers) in Illinois.  Dealing with an individual who asks the right questions and is knowledgeable about the area in which you live may give you a better idea of exactly how much insurance you need on your home and the specific coverage that will adequately insure your property.

If you hate paperwork, another added plus is that the agent will take care of a large percentage of the paperwork that an insurance carrier requires.  To find an insurance agent in your area that represents a major carrier is quite easy.  The phone book will definitely give you a listing of major homeowners insurance carriers, and these entries will then list the various agents in your area who sell their insurance. You then have the option of choosing an agent that is close to your home if you desire.  But even if you were to choose an agent that is a little farther from you locale than others, don’t worry about the travel time.

Unlike Doctors, insurance agents still make house calls and at your convenience an agent can discuss your policy over the kitchen table.  A listing for agents in your area that represents a major Homeowners Insurance company can also be obtained easily over the Internet. Plug in your zip code into our free tool at the top of the page and you can compare the best Illinois homeowners insurance rates from top agents side by side online.

Stay Local To Find The Best Illinois Homeowners Insurance Rates

Even with major carriers offering homeowners insurance nationwide, there are still many local independent companies around and Illinois is no exception.  If you like being on a first name basis with your insurance agent and want an insurance plan that is more customized to your specific needs, a local independent property insurance company may best suit you.

One advantage in dealing with a local agent is that he can often offer you not only a policy to cover your home but also an auto insurance policy.   Generally, a nice savings on premiums is available to those who have a homeowners insurance policy and an auto insurance policy with the same company.

Also working with a single insurance agency can help keep things less complicated if it is necessary to file a claim, whether the claim is for your home, your auto, or both.

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